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Cockroach Pest Control

They say that for every cockroach you see in your home, there could be ten cockroaches somewhere in your walls. The reality is that there could be even more than that, depending on the severity of your infestation. Cockroaches are attracted to environments that are warm and damp, and they are often found in homes and buildings with food sources.

Presence of cockroaches in your home can be very disturbing, so no doubt you’ll want to get control of the problem quickly. Failure to act fast can lead to a much bigger, and harder to eliminate problem.

It’s critical to work with a cockroach removal company that understands the life cycle of these insects and can eliminate cockroaches before they become a problem. Hire a cockroach pest control company that uses safe, non-toxic pest control methods that won’t put you and members of your family in danger.

Cockroach Removal & Prevention in Spokane, Washington

While there are definitely things you can do to keep cockroaches out of your house, trying to fight them without help from a reputable cockroach removal company is unlikely to work. They can be very hard to find, hardy insects that will find their way into whatever food and available water sources they can reach.

You can try to control their numbers by making food difficult to reach, but unless you can hire a cockroach pest control company, you may be fighting a losing battle. This is especially challenging if the roaches are coming from a source you do not control, like a nearby home with a large infestation.

Types of Cockroaches in Spokane, Washington

Cockroaches in nature are found in garden beds, mulch, inside wood piles and potted plants. Inside the home, cockroaches are often found in the kitchen or pantry, in cabinets, and under the stove or refrigerator. Cockroaches are a scourge of city living, often found in apartment buildings and in office buildings.

We have different types of cockroaches in Spokane, so the type of cockroach you see in your home may vary. 

german cockroach pest control

German cockroaches are the small, brown cockroaches often found in kitchens and pantries. This pest is common in restaurants and also found living in homes. They prefer a warm, dark, food-rich environment, and are sometimes found living in bathrooms to be close to water sources.

american cockroach pest control

American cockroaches are the largest cockroaches in the United States. They are often found living outside, but will come inside sometimes if there is an infestation nearby. You may also find these cockroaches living in your basement, or in and near your drains.

Cockroach Prevention in Spokane, Washington

Cockroach pest control can be difficult if you’re living in an environment that roaches prefer. However, there are some ways that you can make your home or business less appealing to cockroaches.

  • Keep your food sealed and inaccessible to pests. Put food in plastic tubs where it cannot be reached by roaches. Do not leave crumbs on your counter or floors. Wash your counters, sink and floors every night before going to bed. Take out the trash nightly. Use a trash can with a lid. Never leave dirty dishes in your sink at night.
  • Get rid of all water sources. Know the signs that you have a plumbing leak and make any necessary plumbing repairs. Regularly check your sinks, toilet and bathtub for leaks.
  • Limit your eating spaces. Keep your meals contained to the dining room or kitchen table. Don’t eat in spaces like the living room or bedroom. In particular, avoid eating anything that produces a lot of crumbs. If you do eat in an unusual part of the house, clean up the food right away, and vacuum if necessary. Make eating in bedrooms off limits for kids who do not understand the importance of cleaning up quickly after themselves.
  • Clean up stacks of paper. Paper and cardboard can be used as a shelter by roaches. Get rid of your cardboard boxes and any stacks of paper in your home.
  • Seal up points of entry. Roaches can get into your home through holes around utility pipes and through cracks in your wall. Seal up cracks and seal your crawl space, especially if your cockroach pest control person says there are roaches living in your crawl space.
  • Make a plan of action with your pest control person. Working with a cockroach removal person, you’ll be able to learn for yourself what you can do to prevent cockroaches in your home. Work with your pest control person to create a customized plan for preventing or removing cockroaches from your home.

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