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Expert Pest Control for your Business

Don’t let pests put your health or property at risk! When it comes to your business, we understand effective and affordable solutions are essential to keep business operations running smoothly.

No matter what kind of industry you’re in, we have a unique solution for you. Our affordable solutions are designed to keep commercial properties free of pests and rodents including cockroaches, termites and mice. EcoTek Pest Control uses eco-friendly pest control solutions to protect your business, staff and customers from pests.

Ask about our budget friendly pest control services for all types of commercial properties.


We provide free pest inspection services. A trained professional will visit your business to assess your pest control needs and discuss solutions.


Spider webs & wasp nests can be ongoing problems during the warmer months. Our maintenance treatments keep problems like this at bay without disrupting your daily operations.

Exterior &
Interior Spray

We spray indoors and outdoors with a specially formulated pest control spray. Our spray is safe for people and the environment, so only the insects need to worry.

Commercial Pest Control Services

With top-rated pest extermination services in Spokane, our specialists can help keep your commercial properties free of insects and other pests. These pests can create unsafe conditions for your customers and employees, which can be costly and harmful for business. Our eco-friendly sprays are tested and proven to be safe and effective for commercial pest control. We use the most advanced technologies and top of the line treatments to keep pests away from your properties.

Our Pest Control Solution Includes

  • Indoor coverage
  • Outdoor pest protection
  • Free follow-up service calls
  • Free estimates
  • Affordable plans
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Safe and Eco-Friendly Pest Control Services

Pest control services done right are safe for you, your commercial properties, and the environment. EcoTek provides naturally safe and environmentally-friendly pest control services to Spokane and the surrounding areas. We use tested and proven strategies to eliminate the following pests:
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Flying Insects
  • Mosquitos
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Ticks & Mites
  • Fleas

Pest Control for All Commercial Properties

Our experts at EcoTek are equipped to handle pest control at a wide array of commercial properties. Our services extend to the following types of facilities:
  • Businesses
  • Buildings
  • Residential Property Management
  • Hotels

What Customers Are Saying...

Based on 77 reviews
23:47 18 Apr 21
Eco Tek has been to my home twice. The technicians have been very professional and informative...last year when we first called, we had an ant infestation..the services did as expected and repelled the ants. We have had no issues since, but are now working with Eco Tek to prevent any future insect events..Thanks you for the professional services.
Barry B.
Barry B.
17:40 09 Apr 21
Professional, friendly, and competitively priced. I recommend EcoTek to anyone that wants to keep their house spider free.
Joshua K.
Joshua K.
22:52 29 Mar 21
Ecotek is a quality operation with the highest professionalism I've experienced in Pest Control. They are communicative, considerate and thorough. Serge is particularly respectful and timely. Their not pushy and the job is done very well. Our home is totally pest free based on their expertise. I fully recommend this company.
Ron P.
Ron P.
17:16 29 Mar 21
Erik C.
Erik C.
22:14 16 Mar 21
If you're in need of pest control, look no further than EcoTek Pest Control. These are your guys! They're timely, friendly, professional and responsive to all your needs and questions. Ask for Serge! He's our tech and is so careful and thorough. Their prices are fair and the quality is top notch! 10/10 - would recommend.
Corie B.
Corie B.
19:55 12 Mar 21
I was happy with the quick response I got when I called for a service. He explained why he did things the way he did when I asked. He was very professional and made sure to close my crawl space door when he was finished. It was like he was never here, which is what one expects when they have some work on there house. I will be definitely using him for regular pest control.
aaron F.
aaron F.
04:29 21 Jan 21
Great professional and timely service
Hayley S.
Hayley S.
00:00 05 Nov 20
Professional and courteous team. Services work great in keeping out insects.
17:06 02 Nov 20
Jared H.
Jared H.
00:13 30 Oct 20
thelma louise & her trusty side kick A.
thelma louise & her trusty side kick A.
19:29 27 Oct 20
Great customer service, communicated exactly what was going to happen and was fast and efficient and took the time to meet our needs. Highly recommend them.
Angel D.
Angel D.
22:12 26 Oct 20
Kaylee B.
Kaylee B.
19:04 21 Oct 20
Very professional and knowledgeable.
Bryan B.
Bryan B.
00:57 21 Oct 20
Brooke F.
Brooke F.
20:42 20 Oct 20

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