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Pest control companies typically offer several options. One of the most common is treatment every three months, also referred to as quarterly. Another is the one-time treatment. Many people are initially interested in a one-time treatment. They see pests, and want them gone. If one treatment will get rid of them, what is the importance of quarterly pest control?

Quarterly Pest Control Treatments Keep Pests Gone

This is the main reason to get quarterly pest control. Without ongoing treatments, pests will return to the treated area. Many pesticides are only rated for three months of effectiveness. Some DIY products work for an even shorter time. If this period is exceeded before retreatment happens, reinfestation is likely.

Pest control companies know that you’ll be the most satisfied if you never develop a problem again while working with them. Therefore, they often have incentives for signing up for quarterly scheduled service.

Reasons Pests Return Without Quarterly Treatments

The main reason most pests return in the absence of quarterly pest control is that they reproduce outdoors, off of your property. It is a great help to get rid of ant nests, mouse nests, and other such sources when they’re on your land, but when they’re on the neighbor’s property, they still serve as sources of reinfestation. It typically takes several months for these neighboring pests to find your house in large numbers, but since they’re always scouting, they will eventually discover it.

Pesticides also lose effectiveness over time. Exposure to water, and even regular air, breaks them down. This makes it so pests can endure them, and eventually, be unbothered by them.

Pest population level, also referred to as pest pressure, also plays a big part. When there is an overabundance of a specific species, its individuals will be desperate to spread out. As soon as the pesticide on your property weakens, your land and your house will both be seen as open territory that they can use. The invasion won’t take long after that. Of course, if all of your neighbors also have good pest control programs running, it is far less likely for such an abundance of pests to develop.

It’s More Affordable to Set Up Repeat Visits

Some companies may give discounts if you sign up, marking the importance of quarterly pest control. This makes the visits less expensive. If you’re in an area where pest pressure is strong enough to cause you to call for service multiple times per year anyway, it makes perfect sense to put that service on an automatic schedule.

Easy to Remember Quarterly Pest Control Appointments

Many people who get one-off treatments end up calling back about three months later. They may even intend to call again from the start. This shows the importance of quarterly pest control. The problem with calling for each appointment is that it’s easy to either forget to call, or to be so worried about forgetting that it becomes stressful. With quarterly pest control services set up on a schedule, there’s no need to be stressed about it. Appointments are set up automatically, so you’re all set the minute you sign up the first time.

You Get a Better Warranty

Most pest control companies offer only a limited warranty for a one-time treatment. Some offer no warranty at all. You also get no warranty to speak of if you buy products and do it yourself.

Meanwhile, if you order regularly-scheduled service like quarterly pest control vs. one-time or even DIY pest control, EcoTek Pest Control guarantees that pests will not come back prior to your next service date.

Importance of Quarterly Pest Control in Combatting Seasonal Pests

Each season of the year has its own common pests. For example, ants often infest houses during the warm months, while rodents seek shelter as the weather cools. We tailor our pesticide and bait applications to meet the expected threats. We’ll also combat any pest types that we find present or that you report.

Quarterly Visits are Easier to Budget For

Nobody likes unexpected expenses. With quarterly treatments, you decide what you want when you first sign up, and get a quote at that time. After that, the price remains the same. This makes it easy to factor into your budget.

Quarterly pest control visits are also more affordable than one-time treatments. That’s because we only treat the outside of your home during a maintenance visit, while for an initial visit, we treat both inside and out.

Getting Started with the Importance of Quarterly Pest Control

Typically, customers sign up for quarterly pest control treatments after an initial one-time service. The initial service gets rid of any current infestations, while the quarterly treatments keep the pests from coming back. Normally, only exterior treatment is needed for scheduled visits. By putting a pesticide barrier between the outdoors and your home, we keep pests from ever getting back inside.

It all starts with a pest evaluation and a quote. Call us today to schedule yours.