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Effective Pest Control for Your Home

As an eco-friendly company, we offer multiple treatment options to fit your budget and your pest control needs. At EcoTek, we believe that treatment plans are necessary to keep pests away  from your home or business. Rather than just treating the pest infestation once, we recommend year-round service plans to ensure that your home is pest free all year long.

The best way to get rid of pests is preventing them from coming into your home in the first place. We offer customized plans to fit your home needs because your PEST concerns are our number one priority!

EcoTek Pest Control Treatment Plans

One-Time Pest Control

As a family-owned business, we understand that sometimes you just want that one time service to treat an insect or rodent infestation without any strings attached. We also understand that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for everyone, which is why we offer a one-time service for your home without any contracts or extra fees! With a one-time service we offer a full inspection and treatment of your pest concern and up to a three-week guarantee. If your pest returns, so will WE!

Quarterly Maintenance Plan

Do you want to ensure that your home is free of pests all year-round? Our highly trained technicians service your home or business every three months to protect you and your family from disturbing pests. This plan is CONTRACT FREE without any cancellation fees. To continue with quarterly prices, all customers are required to have their home treated every three months.

Monthly Service Plan

This plan is similar to our quarterly maintenance plan but we just service your home or property more often! Our monthly service plan is customized to your pest control needs to ensure you are pest FREE all year-round! 

Every Other Month Treatment

Are you hearing noises in your walls? Sounds of mysterious gnawing or scratching can be one of the many signs that your home has rodents. Our every other month service plan ensures a year-round rodent treatment plan to prevent rodents from entering your home. Our highly trained technicians inspect your home for rodents, offer tips on how to seal your home, provide a customized treatment plan and rodent monitoring during every service.

Why should you consider a pest control treatment plan?

As a customer you may think why should I enroll in a treatment plan for my home? What are the benefits of having EcoTek treat my home throughout the year? Enrolling in a treatment plan sets you up with the most beneficial pest protections so that you don’t develop pest infestations in the future.

Contact the expert pest control technicians from EcoTek and get started with one of our treatment plans today!

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Pest-FREE Living

If you have ever had a pest infestation, you may know how stressful and uncomfortable it may be sharing your home with insects or rodents. Not only is it inconvenient, but pest infestations such as carpenter ants and/or termites can cause significant damage to your home structure that can be costly. Rather than allowing pests to infest your home or business, we recommend you start a treatment plan TODAY so that you can keep your home and business safe. Contact our team at EcoTek Pest Control to schedule a treatment plan.

You save MONEY

One of the main benefits of enrolling in a pest control treatment plan is saving money! Our treatment plans are generally initiated after our initial "one-time" service and are offered at a lesser price! Maintaining your home with pest control services ensures you do not have an infestation that may cost you more money in the future. With a one-time service, there is a lower chance that you home or business can remain pest-free all year! Contact our team at EcoTek to learn more about how you can save money by enrolling in our service plans!

LESS pesticide use

You may assume that the more often we service your home, the more chemicals that we use. However, we assure you that is not the case. General maintenance of your home requires less chemicals than a one-time service to ensure that the pests are gone. Quarterly or monthly plans require less pesticide use and are only applied outside of your home to prevent the pests from entering your home. Contact our team at EcoTek Pest Control today for more information and booking.

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