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More than 1 in 10 people fear spiders, and when it comes to the creepy crawlers invading your home you may need spider removal and control services to stop them. While many spiders can be helpful to the environment, others can quickly become an annoyance or even pose health risks.

For homeowners, a spider infestation can disrupt life at home and negatively affect your level of comfort. A spider infestation can also indicate the presence of other pests on which spiders prey. 

At EcoTek, we know which spiders are a nuisance and can pose serious health risks. Our qualified specialists are experienced in the field of spider pest control and provide a wide range of professional services and solutions.

Spider Pest Control and Prevention in Spokane, Washington

Home is where you should feel safe and comfortable, but it’s disturbing when you learn there is pest infestation. Pests in a home can damage property, bite, and spread diseases to the occupants. For business owners, spiders can affect business operations and threaten the health and safety of employees or customers. In Spokane, Washington, you can often find spiders right in your home; floorboards, couches, closets, and other places where they hide and hunt their prey. While its normal to see spiders occasionally if you are consistently noticing unwanted guests it’s best to contact a professional spider pest control company.

To keep your home or business spider-free, you should enlist the help of EcoTek Pest Control services. Our specialists are experienced with spider removal and control services. We will safely and effectively eliminate them in your home or business.

Types of Spiders in Spokane

The spider is among the venomous types, and its bite will require medical attention. Brown recluse venom causes allergic reactions, especially in children, and the elderly. They hide in dark, dry, and warm areas which include closets, boxes, basement, and attic.

Hobo spiders are brown with black markings and can be hard to distinguish from other types of spiders. These spiders are shy and stay far away from people. They only bite when treated with aggression and trapped against the skin. Indoors, hobo spiders are usually found in dark corners, around foundations, in crawl spaces, garages, basements, and in unused closets. If you are bitten by a hobo spider, as is the case with any spider bite, seek treatment if you experience symptoms like difficulty breathing, chest pain, face or mouth swelling, difficulty swallowing, lightheadedness, vomiting, rash, burning, or fainting.

These spiders are common outdoors creatures but will move in your home when hunting. They can jump on prey and bite people when cornered. They lurk under floorboards, bookshelves, bed covers, etc.

Wolf spiders are a common type of spider in Spokane and are typically found indoors when the temperatures start dropping in the fall. Wolf spiders can be very scary, both because of their size and their name. Although these spiders frighten many because they can be up to three inches in length, hairy, and have two large fangs, they are naturally shy and prefer to stay away from people. Wolf spiders live in solitude and do not spin a web. When it gets colder outside, they move in your home in search of warmth and prey. You will see them in basements, garages, and other warm home surroundings.

Black widows are famously venomous and, if their bite is left untreated, can be dangerous. Adult female spiders are black with a tell-tale red or orange hourglass shape on the underside of their abdomen. If you are bitten by a black widow, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. While black widows are shy, they will defend their nest aggressively when trapped or disturbed. You are unlikely to find a black widow in your living space as they prefer darkness or solitude. These spiders can be found in basements, crawl spaces, eaves, sheds, rodent holes, and attics.

Yellow sac spiders are usually found in gardens during the growing season. They come indoors in fall when the air gets crisp and cool. They’re sometimes confused with brown recluse spiders and can take on a brownish, yellowish, or greenish color. These venomous spiders can bite people, but will more often run away when people are near.

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Spider Prevention

Spiders in your home can be potentially dangerous if left unchecked. If you are seeing spiders in your home, you should take the following precautions for spider prevention:
  • Thoroughly inspect areas where spiders will frequently hide such as shoes, boxes, piles of clothes, etc.
  • Ensure your home has proper insulation in areas that include doors, windows, basements, and lofts.
  • Fill in any gaps in walls, around pipework, or under doors.
  • Vacuum regularly in both high and low areas, particularly in sheltered, undisturbed spots such as behind furniture and backs of cupboards.
  • Clean your home frequently to avoid attracting flies or other insects that attract spiders.
  • Cover any open holes, spaces, and cracks in floorboards and walls where spiders could live or enter your home.

Do you want to eliminate existing spiders and prevent new ones from entering your home? At EcoTek Pest Control, we offer eco-friendly pest control services with expertise in spider removal and prevention. If you are a home or business owner experiencing spider infestation issues, contact us today at 509-669-9151 for a free estimate.

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