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Stink Bug

Stink bugs are primarily nuisance pests for Washington homeowners, though they can cause massive damage to crops, plants, trees, and landscaping. These invasive pests have a particular taste for fruit trees and ornamental trees. But the big problem for most area homeowners is the fact that they like to find their way into homes and settle in for the winter, leading to a need for stink bug removal and control services.

Even worse? There’s a reason these bugs have their smelly monikers. That is why many homeowners are unwilling to share their homes with them.

Why Do You Need Stink Bug Removal Services?

As their names imply, these invasive bugs stink. While they do not cause physical harm to humans and aren’t known (at this time) to carry diseases, they prefer to come into homes during cooler weather. They prefer the warmth of homes to the cold and uncertainty of the outside. Plus, they are perfectly content to munch on houseplants once the fruit trees no longer provide tasty meals for their voracious appetites.

While your first instinct may be to smash and stomp them to kill them before getting rid of them in your home, that is not a wise plan. When they feel threatened, these bugs release a hormone that has a unique and unpleasant odor. Hence, the name. This smell can linger for quite some time and is best avoided if possible.

How Common Are Stink Bugs in Washington?

The Halyomorpha halys commonly referred to throughout the U.S. as a stink bug is native to Asia and has only recently become a problem in the United States. However, during the last 20-plus years, this stinky bug has made its way across the country and has been found in 47 states, Washington among them. 

Washington State University reports that of the more than 200 species of stink bugs that exist, 51 stink bug species have been found in Washington – many of them along the western edge of the state. Without stink bug removal and control services, many believe the problem will continue to grow and these bugs will spread further across the state in time.

Prevention with Stink Bug Removal and Control Services

While there are no guaranteed methods for preventing stink bugs from coming inside your home, there are things you can do to reduce your home’s attractiveness to these invasive creatures. Among these are the following.

  • Seal up potential entry points. This includes holes in screens, cracks around windows and doors, and countless other possible entry points these small creatures can crawl right through.
  • Keep firewood away from your home. These bugs eat trees and plants. Storing food sources right next to your home offers an open invitation.
  • Keep your home nice and dry. Avoid humidity inside your home as these bugs are attracted to moisture.
  • Consider using pheromones or light traps as methods of pest control and prevention.

The key is to act fast if you find stink bugs in your home. Use stink bug removal services to address the problem. The longer they continue to find ways into your home, the larger the infestation is likely to become.

Stink Bug Pest Control Services

Because they have such a smelly protective bent, stink bug removal can be problematic. Homeowners want the odor of these creatures about as much as they want the bugs themselves which means you really need to bring in professionals to rid your home of a stink bug problem whether it is just beginning, or you have a full-blown infestation.

EcoTek Pest Control understands the concerns Washington homeowners have about stink bugs and what they can do to your landscaping, your home, and your sense of peace and harmony within your home. We also understand your concerns about the planet and the impact of pest control actions on the planet at large.

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We are committed to ridding your home of stink bugs and other pests in the most eco-friendly fashion possible. This means you can retake your home space without concerns that doing so will harm the planet. We offer stink bug control services to meet your needs no matter what kind of home you have or how large (or small) your infestation may be.

When you are ready for stink bug removal for your home, contact EcoTek Pest Control for an estimate and to learn more about effective solutions for your stink bug and pest control problems as well as the approximate costs of each option available to you. We offer interior and exterior pest control solutions as well as maintenance treatments to prevent reinfestations from occurring. Call us today at 509-669-9151 to learn more about your options to rid your home of its stink bug problem quickly and effectively.

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