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Tick Pest Control

Contrary to popular belief, ticks are actually arachnids, not insects. Ticks survive on the blood of mammals, birds, and reptiles. There are several kinds of ticks that can be found in Spokane, including the American dog tick, the Rocky Mountain wood tick, and the Western Black-legged tick. While no one appreciates a tick in their home, Spokane residents should be especially wary of the Western Black-legged tick, which is known to carry Lyme disease

EcoTek Pest Control is proud to offer leading tick removal services. Our qualified tick pest control specialists don’t just focus on killing adult ticks, we focus on breaking the whole lifecycle so you and your family can enjoy a pest-free home.

Tick-Borne Illnesses & Diseases

While ticks are present in Washington, relatively few tick-borne diseases are reported compared to other states like New Hampshire, Virginia, and Maryland. Nonetheless, it’s important to be aware of the diseases ticks can carry, including: 

Tick Removal & Prevention in Spokane, Washington

EcoTek Pest Control offers premier tick removal and prevention services to ensure year-round tick protection. Our pest control technicians will thoroughly spray your property, and if you do not see a complete eradication of ticks, we will come back at no charge. 

Do you want to eliminate any existing ticks and prevent new ones from entering your home? At our Spokane pest control company, we offer eco-friendly services with expertise in tick removal and prevention. If you are a home or business owner spotting ticks around your property, contact us today at 509-669-9151 for a free estimate.

Mite Removal & Control Services

Mite Pest Control

There are thousands of different kinds of mite species, the majority of which are less than 1 mm in length. Due to their small size, mites often exploit small cracks to enter homes or attach themselves to people and pets. 

EcoTek Pest Control is proud to offer safe and effective mite removal and control services. Our mite pest control experts will identify entry points in your home and utilize up-to-date pest removal techniques to ensure that these pests are eliminated and do not return.

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Types of Mites Found in Spokane

clover mites

Clover mites are highly attracted to well-fertilized lawns and tend to invade homes or businesses through tiny cracks around windows and doors. Clover mite populations peak in the spring, when plants and flowers are thriving. 

If you spot clover mites in your home, it’s best to contact a qualified Spokane mite pest control company. These pests tend to invade homes in large numbers and leave stains when squashed, ruining carpets and rugs in your home. While clover mites are a nuisance, they are not dangerous to humans and do not feed on blood like ticks or other common types of mites.

Spider mites are so small that you may not notice them in your home until you start recognizing damage to your house plants. Spider mites get their name from the ability to produce small silk webs, much like spiders. The short lifecycle of spider mites and the rapid reproduction rate makes them extremely dangerous to landscape plants, house plants, farm crops, and trees in both urban and rural environments.

If you find chigger mites in your home or business, it’s likely they have invaded your space by attaching themselves to a host such as a person or pet. Chigger mites are commonly found in forests, overgrown lawns, or flower beds and gardens. While these mites don’t spread diseases, scratching their bites could break the skin and lead to irritation or infection. The best way to prevent a chigger mite infestation is to apply insect repellant and wear protective clothing when spending extensive time outdoors. 

How Do I Know if I Have a Mite Infestation?

Treatment and prevention depend on the type of mite. For common dust mites, it’s recommended to wash any materials or fabrics within the home. While dust mites aren’t dangerous to people, they can cause allergic reactions such as respiratory symptoms and watery eyes. Clover and spider mites require a series of insecticides and a treatment plan recommended by pest control professionals. 

Mite Treatment and Prevention

Since most mites are extremely small, it can be difficult to see them without magnification. However, some species like clover mites can be easily spotted due to their bright red coloration. Small spider-like webs can often be an indicator of spider mites. 

Mite Pest Control in Spokane, Washington

If you see signs of a mite infestation, contact EcoTek Pest Control in Spokane. Our pest control experts will identify the problem and remove unwanted pests from your home or property properly and effectively. Fill out our contact form below or give us a call at 509-669-9151 for a free estimate.

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