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In the warmer seasons, it is commonplace to find wasps and hornets all around Washington state. However, the presence of  wasps or hornets in and around your property can create an unsafe environment for you and your family. These insects are particularly dangerous to deal with on your own and may sting unprovoked, resulting in painful injury or allergic reaction. 

If you spot nests near your home, don’t put yourself at risk. Reach out to the wasp removal and control experts at EcoTek Pest Control.

Our Commitment to Effective Wasp Control & Removal

At EcoTek Pest Control, we specialize in wasp and hornet removal and control services. Our experts will identify the specific type of insect on your property and use specialized equipment to remove them. We are proud to offer eco-friendly treatments that are safe for you, your family,  and the environment. Our qualified specialists are experienced in wasp removal and control and provide a wide range of professional pest control services and solutions.

Types of Wasps and Hornets in Spokane, Washington

There are over 20,000 known species of bees in the world. In Washington state, some of the most commonly found include the bald-faced hornet and yellowjackets. In order to effectively remove these stinging insects, it is important to determine the type of species and use specialized techniques to remove them. Though they have similar characteristics, hornets and wasps are distinguishable in both behavior and appearance.

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Yellowjacket Removal in Spokane, Washington

Yellowjackets are the most common type of wasp found in Washington. They have slender bodies with a black and yellow pattern on their abdomens. As opposed to bees, wasps prey on other insects and will scavenge on human food to take back to their nests. Yellowjackets are territorial and will attack in defense of their colony. Be especially careful when dealing with wasps as their stings can trigger severe allergic reactions. If you find yellowjackets on your property, reach out to an expert right away. Contact EcoTek Pest Control for immediate yellowjacket wasp removal and control services.

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Hornet Removal in Spokane, Washington

The bald-faced hornet is a relative of the yellowjacket wasp and is commonly found in Washington state. This species gets its name from its mostly black body and white face. Bald-faced hornets will create large paper nests above ground and will sting to protect their colonies. As opposed to wasps, bald-faced hornet nests are enclosed rather than open. If you find a swarm or colony on your property, reach out to the hornet removal experts at EcoTek Pest Control.

Identifying Wasp Nests on Your Property

Finding a wasp nest on or near your home or property can be alarming. Wasps can build their nests on the edges of roofs, gutters, sheds, garages, or even inside your home. Wasp nests have a paper-like appearance and are usually grey or grey-ish green in color. In the mid and late summer, wasps can quickly become aggressive and will sting in defense of their nest. If you have found a wasp nest in your home, do not approach it yourself. Call on the wasp removal and control experts at EcoTek Pest Control to safely remove them from your property.

Safe & Reliable Wasp Removal & Control Services

Have you spotted wasp or hornet nests near your property?  At EcoTek Pest Control, we offer eco-friendly pest control services with expertise in wasp and hornet removal and control services. Protect yourself, your home, and your family from stinging insects. Contact EcoTek Pest Control today at 509-669-9151 for a free estimate.

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